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🧩 A beautiful library with SVG logos. Built with Sveltekit & Tailwind CSS.

hacktoberfest logos open-source optimized svelte


🌱 An open-source URL shortener built with T3 Stack.

hacktoberfest next-auth nextjs prisma shadcn-ui

🚀 A Tailwindcss component library.

components components-library hacktoberfest nextjs react

🪄 A beautifully command menu for React. Built with headlessUI.

command-menu component hacktoberfest headlessui nextjs

✨ Symbols VSCode Icon Theme by Miguel Solorio, for React.

file hacktoberfest icon icons icons-library

🌻 An open-source hackathon management. Hackafor February 2023.

cockroachdb hackafor hackathon management nextjs

✍️ [WIP] A modern, minimal markdown editor built with Tauri.

editor hacktoberfest open-source radix-ui react

✌️ First personal website.

astro blog content markdown portfolio

🎨 Generate images with beautiful gradients. Built with Next.js & Zustand.

gradients images nextjs screenshot tailwindcss

🪄 My new personal website.

markdown shadcn-svelte sveltekit tailwindcss typescript

🌎 Explore and create your profile for your next job. Built with Next.js 13 /app Router. midudev Infojobs Hackathon 2023.

app-router cv next-auth nextjs planetscale

🌳 Supabase Launch Week 6 Hackathon - Create and share documentation effortlessly.

docs hackathon markdown remix remix-stack

🔷 A REST api with Zod - TypeScript-first schema declaration and validation library.

express guide nodejs typescript zod

Your repo reached a stars milestone? Celebrate with a video of your stargazers!

🔎 Umami is a simple, fast, privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics.

analytics docker nextjs react tailwindcss

✨ Building amazing things

Pablo Hernández